About Us


This is the best way that I can describe the power of these two awesome people. Queen Juvita Irving stepped to the plate more than seven years ago, and proceeded to start a NYC fellowship of The Afrikan Village. Yes, she did what women do...MAKE IT HAPPEN! She reached out to Brother Vernon Wells to ask him to help her. They became co-coordinators, working together to carry out the mission, vision and purpose of TAVCC.

Here we are more than seven years later and The Afrikan Village of NYC is a strong body of serious warrior sisters and brothers involved in the work of liberating the minds of our people. It made me proud to officially consecrate and commission the Council of TAV of NYC on Sunday.

I am so honored and humbled to have people like Juvita, Vernon, the Council, and members of TAV of NYC upholding the image and integrity of TAVCC.

I, along with the entire body of The Afrikan Village & Cultural Centers, congratulate Minister Vernon Charles Wells, Jr. on receiving his credentials as the Minister-In-Charge of TAV of NYC.